July 2014: Analysis of Rainfall and Humidity

The graphs show that July 2014 was, from a meteorological point of view, the most challenging of the past decade – worse indeed than the accursed vintage of 2002.

We faced the highest average humidity (84% during the day), the longest time of precipitation (over 15,000 minutes) and by a wide margin the most rainfall (180mm / 7 inches). These factors made vineyard management very complicated and forced to numerous anti-mildew treatments at a time of the year not usually associated with fungal outbreaks.
However, Nebbiolo is a late-ripening variety, so thanks to good weather with plenty of sun in September and October, the Barolo 2014 vintage will provide many surprises. This shows that the final weather analysis should be done after the harvest, when the grapes are already in the cellar.