Bricco Mollea

Old vines of Dolcetto at the Southernmost tip of Langhe Region, at the foot of the Maritime Alps. Rented since 2018.

At the southernmost tip of Langhe Region, at the foot of the Maritime Alps, Bricco Mollea is a spectacular amphitheater of vineyards, south-exposed, where Dolcetto vines have been cultivated since 1950. The soil is a mix of Marne di Paroldo (“Paroldo Marl”) – blue-gray silty marls layered with sandstones – and Formazione di Cassinasco – ochre sandstones layered with sedimentary thick mudstones, similar to Formazione di Lequio. The altitude of almost 600 mt asl (1950 ft)with the fully-south exposure, provide the perfect ripeness to the fruits, still guaranteeing a low Ph and a lively acidity.

TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 3 hectares (7,4 acres)
ALTITUDE: 570 meters (1870 feet) – 600 meters (1968 feet)
VARIETIES GROWN: Dolcetto and Nebbiolo
WINES PRODUCED: Dogliani, Langhe Nebbiolo and Langhe Rosato
YEAR OF PLANTING: 1950, 1974, 1979, 1999


Bricco Mollea vineyard