We would like to sell our wines because they are good, not because they are organic

In 2012 we began the process of certifying our production as organic

with CCPB srl in Bologna. Today all our grapes (apart from a small part from plots still under conversion and the borders) are organic. To be certified organic simply means that we adhere to European standards of viticulture and vinification that prevent – or provide – the possibility of using certain chemicals and/or winemaking practises. However, we give our importers and distributors the choice of whether to label the wine as organic (with the logo) or not; this is because we wish to sell our wine because it is good, regardless of whether it is organic or not.
But when we say that we are organic, we want to be sure and guarantee we really are, complying with external and rigorous controls. This seems to us the right way to show we don’t want to do marketing, but just be transparent.
For detractors, it is likely that no matter what we do, it would be wrong: labelling our wine as organic, or not labelling it so. Indeed, the very fact that we have this section on or website could be construed as marketing.
For us, it is simply a way to be clear.